About Remedica

Remedica Medical Education and Publishing is a dynamic and innovative medical education company. We produce a comprehensive range of high quality educational programs and publications, across all areas of medicine and encompassing all informational media. Our content is distributed internationally and all materials are produced to an exacting standard. All our activities are compliant with modern guidelines and regulations for best practice in publishing and medical education, and are epitomized by the development and implementation of the Remedica Good Publishing Practice guidelines.

Remedica and Current Medical Literature journals are specialized, independent, peer-reviewed, quarterly review publications that are available in print and online. They provide an easily accessible and clinically relevant source of recent information in a format that is easily digestible for the busy practitioner. The journals are specifically designed to help healthcare professionals identify and assimilate the data of most relevance to their clinical practice, providing a platform for improved patient management. The educational quality of Remedica’s journals is recognized by clinicians worldwide, and our publications are a valued source of independent, evaluated, and clinically relevant information.