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EuroPCR 2011: Highlights from 
"La Ville Lumière"

Pak Hei Chan, MD, Nicola Viceconte, MD, Carlo Di Mario, MD, PhD, FESC, FACC

The purple flashing lights on the gigantic stage of the 3000-seat main arena were switched off after a closing ceremony during which awards for the winners of the EuroPCR 2011 competitions (including best technical innovation, best abstract, best case report, and most educational complication) and the 2011 European Association of Percutaneous Coronary Interventions (PCIs) Research and Training Fellowships were presented. What is left after this large 4-day congress with 12 567 attendees? It is difficult to summarize, in a limited number of pages, a program that covers coronary, peripheral, and structural interventions with many different specialists involved. The variety of symposia, talks, live demonstrations, oral abstract presentations of well-designed studies, and case presentations meant that one had to spend some time choosing where to be each morning. Undoubtedly, attendees had the feeling that regardless of what sessions they attended, they would bring home new ideas to share and discuss.

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