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Sanchez-Pena P, Pereira AR, Sourour NA et al.  Crit Care Med 2008;36:2267–73.

This study found that the blood level of S100 calcium-binding protein B (S100B) is an excellent predictor of 12-month outcome in patients with subarachnoid aneurismal haemorrhage (SAH). The results provided strong evidence that morbidity and mortality from SAH is directly related to brain damage. Therefore, this protein may be helpful for measuring the neuroprotective effects of new interventions as well as assessing the extent of secondary brain injury.


The mortality and morbidity rates associated with subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH) remain high, with approximately half of the patients dying within the first month and 40% of 1-month survivors of SAH being highly dependent [1]. Mean 8-day blood levels of the S100 calcium-binding protein B (S100B) have been shown to predict the outcome of SAH [2]. Monitoring S100B blood levels over a longer period might lead to improved outcome prediction. This study assessed the effectiveness of mean 15-day S100B in predicting outcomes after SAH.

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