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Goldmann K, Hechtfischer C, Malik A et al.  Anesth Analg 2008;107:1856–61.

This study, performed at a teaching institution, demonstrated that airway management with the Laryngeal Mask Airway ProSeal™ (PLMA; LMA North America, San Diego, CA, USA) was safe and effective in routine clinical practice. However, it was also shown that PLMA did not work 100% of the time (albeit the 3.2% overall failure rate is quite acceptable). The requirement to replace the PLMA with an endotracheal tube appeared to be dependent on the depth of anaesthesia. A correctly positioned PLMA was found to protect against pulmonary aspiration of regurgitated gastric fluid. The PLMA might have a similar role to the LMA Classic™ device (LMA North America) in the management of difficult airways.


The Laryngeal Mask Airway ProSeal (PLMA; LMA North America, San Diego, CA, USA) differs from the Classic LMA (LMA North America) by having a higher pressure seal and improved protection against aspiration, thus providing more secure supraglottic airway for positive pressure ventilation. As most of the scientific data on the PLMA use has been reported in studies with limited numbers of patients, this study was conducted to determine the characteristics, efficacy, and safety of the PLMA device when used by anaesthesia providers in a large practice setting.

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