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Clear Cell Sarcoma of Tendons and Aponeuroses

Juan Rodriguez-Martin, MD, Eduardo Ortiz-Cruz, MD, Julian Del Rio, MD, 
Teodoro Vivanco, MD, and Carlos Marti Lopez-Amor, MD

In this article, a case of clear cell sarcoma of the flexor hallucis longus in a 42-year-old woman is presented. The patient had previously been treated for suspected bursitis of the big toe. After extensive investigation, Lisfranc amputation was performed in order to achieve tumor-free margins. No adjuvant therapy was administered. At 5-year follow-up, there was no evidence of tumor recurrence or metastatic disease. The patient was functional in a modified shoe without the need for prosthesis. Adv Orthop 2011;2(4):156–60.

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