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Yang YW, Chen CS, Chen YH et al. J Am Acad Dermatol 2011;64:71–7.

Treating pregnant patients with psoriasis can be complicated by the fact that any treatment administered has the potential to affect the child as well as the mother. In this article, the authors assessed whether maternal psoriasis was associated with adverse pregnancy outcomes, and found that there was an increased risk of low birth weight among the children of those patients with severe psoriasis.


Psoriasis is a multi-organ disease, and the autoimmune process in the skin affects other organs such as the joints (psoriatic arthritis), blood vessel endothelium (atherosclerosis and cardiovascular comorbidities), fat tissue, liver (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), and probably the central nervous system (depression). This study addressed a very relevant question of whether psoriasis affects the course of pregnancy.

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