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ESC Annual Congress 2011

Stephan von Haehling MD, PhD

For the first time, the annual congress of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) was held in Paris, France. The overall number of participants remains on the increase, with approximately 33 000 people attending this year. Indeed, over those 5 days it became difficult not to meet the participants dans le métro, dans les cafés ou au Louvre. The number of abstracts submitted for presentation also rose again this year to >10 800, of which almost 4300 were accepted for presentation. At 25000 square metres, the industry exhibition has grown to the verge of breathtaking. As in previous years, the “Hot Line” sessions were extremely popular with the audience. The topics covered a broad field, ranging from novel anticoagulants that have the potential to revolutionize current therapeutic concepts to even covering the effects of laughter on the vasculature. A number of landmark studies that are likely to impact on clinical practice are summarized here.

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