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Management and Treatment

Schleyer AM, Schreuder AB, Jarman KM et al.  Am J Med Qual 2011;26:174–80.

In the present work, the authors report on a benchmark study to assess the current state of in-hospital venous thromboembolism prevention and treatment in US academic hospitals. Overall, adherence to guidelines was found to be poor, especially in surgical patients.


A benchmark method is an established quality-assessment technique that uses unblinded retrospective medical record review to describe clinical performance and compare that with best-practice standards. A total of 33 US academic hospitals participated in this study. From each center, the records of 30 patients with objectivized in-hospital venous thromboembolism, as well as the records of 30 randomly selected patients who were not diagnosed with venous thromboembolism, were examined for baseline thromboprophylaxis. The use of thromboprophylaxis was then judged against the 2004 US guidelines [1].

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