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Interventional Treatment of Deep Vein Thrombosis

J Stephen Jenkins, MD

Venous thromboembolism (VTE) of the lower extremities is responsible for >250 000 hospitalizations annually in the US and contributes significantly to the morbidity and mortality of patients who present with this diagnosis [1]. Only within the last year have guidelines been published that address invasive therapies for the treatment of iliofemoral deep venous thrombosis (IFDVT) [2]. Evidence-based guidelines from the European Society of Cardiology and American College of Chest Physicians focus on acute and chronic therapies for VTE but provide little direction for more aggressive, invasive, catheter-based therapies and thrombolysis options available for the treatment of IFDVT [3,4]. This article will focus on the current percutaneous techniques available for treatment for acute VTE of the lower extremities.

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