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Treatment – Neoadjuvant and Adjuvant Therapy

Xu S, Yang Y, Tao W et al.

Affiliated Tumor Hospital of Harbin Medical University, Harbin, People’s Republic of China.

 Breast Cancer Res Treat 2012;136:495–502.

Murid Chaudary’s review: Male breast cancer (MBC) is a rare disease, accounting for <1% of all breast cancer cases worldwide. It is a specific subgroup of the disease that occurs later in life than female breast cancer and resembles postmenopausal breast cancer. Because of its rarity, the management of MBC is largely derived from randomized trials performed in women, and its prognosis may be more severe than in women, as the diagnosis is often delayed owing to ignorance of the existence of this condition in men. Furthermore, compared with female patients, MBC patients report more side-effects as a result of endocrine therapy, such as decreased libido, weight gain, and serious complications such as deep venous thrombosis, and the drop-out rate is approximately 20% in <1 year. Non-adherence to oral medication is of increasing concern in the treatment of patients with breast cancer (CA Cancer J Clin 2009;59:56–66).

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