Paper of the Month - April, 2011

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Botulinum toxin in the treatment of sweat-worsened foot problems in patients with epidermolysis bullosa simplex and pachyonychia congenita.

Swartling C, Karlqvist M, Hymnelius K et al.
Editor’s note: This article describes successful use of plantar injection of botulinum toxin to reduce hyperhidrosis in epidermolysis bullosa simplex (EBS) and pachyonychia congenita (PC). This was a retrospective study of six patients with EBS and eight patients with PC who had painful blisters and callosities on their feet, who were treated with multiple plantar injections of botulinum toxin with the rationale that hyperhidrosis can often exacerbate these conditions and that this can be reduced by botulinum toxin. The study included two patients with EBS of the Dowling-Meara type and four patients with the localized type, with ages ranging from 7–46 years.