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Obesity, Diet, and Lifestyle

Dixon JB, Chuang LM, Chong K et al.

Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, Melbourne, VIC, Australia.

 Diabetes Care 2012 Oct 1; Epub ahead of print.

Editor’s note: Bariatric surgery has been recommended as an effective treatment option for severely obese patients with type 2diabetes who do not have optimal glucose control despite significant lifestyle and pharmaceutical interventions. However, the response to bariatric surgery is variable, with some patients showing remission of diabetes following surgery but many not. Identification of a select group of individuals who respond well to surgery would improve the cost-effectiveness of bariatric surgery and reduce the risk of unwanted complications. Although there have been studies investigating the preoperative factors that predict response to surgery, these have been limited by a lack of power to adjust for all the relevant confounding factors.

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