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Minimal Access Surgery in the 
Management of Endometrial Cancer

Michelle L Mackintosh, MB ChB1 and Cathrine M Holland, BM BS, PhD2

Endometrial carcinoma is one of the most common female cancers in developed countries. In the US there are approximately 40 000 new diagnoses and 7500 deaths from endometrial malignancy each year [1]. The prevalence is similar in Europe, with more than one in 20 new female cancers arising from the endometrium [2]. The lifetime risk of developing endometrial cancer is 2.5% and post-menopausal women are at highest risk. Most cases are diagnosed between the ages of 50–65 years, although up to 25% of women are diagnosed premenopausally. A minority of women (<5%) are diagnosed before the age of 40 years [3].

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