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Cataract and Refractive Surgery

Centinkaya S, Mestan E, Acir NO et al.

Turkish Red Crescent Hospital, Konya, Turkey.

 BMC Ophthalmol 2015;15:68.

Alex Ionides’s review: In this study, the authors found multiple causes for the exacerbation of dry eye symptoms seen in some patients after routine cataract surgery. These included reduced corneal sensitivity, decreased goblet cell population and productivity, and altered Meibomian gland function. The good news is that the dry eye parameters returned to preoperative values given enough time.

The authors comment on the multifactorial nature of dry eye disease. There is a small but persistent group of patients who complain about eye discomfort after routine cataract surgery, and it may be that these patients are part of the spectrum of postoperative evaporative dry eye described in this study. These patients can sometimes take 2–3 years to feel happier about their postoperative recovery.

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