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Cannabis and Mental Health

John Witton, BSc, and Kylie D Reed, MA, BM BCh, MRC Psych

Consistent findings from recent epidemiological studies have raised concerns that regular cannabis users may have a heightened risk of mental health problems. While cannabis and its association with later psychosis has been the main focus of this research, there have also been a number of recent studies that have examined the link between cannabis use and mood disorders, as well as how cannabis use may have an impact on the outcomes of those being treated for a mental health problem. This research is still developing, but the recent growth in the number of studies warrants review and suggests that increased attention needs to be paid to cannabis use among those attending mental health services as well as young people in the general population. In the current article, the authors review the relationship between cannabis use and mental health, including some of the more recent studies that have been conducted.

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