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Park HS, Koh SJ, Park GY et al. J Eur Acad Dermatol Venereol 2013 Oct 25; Epub ahead of print.

This study investigated the prevalence and characteristics of psoriasis concurrent with IBD in a small number of patients in South Korea. Compared with control patients who had psoriasis only, those with psoriasis concurrent with IBD had a younger age of psoriasis onset, a longer duration of psoriasis, and a higher Psoriasis Area Severity Index score.


Epidemiological studies have suggested that patients with psoriasis have a higher risk of simultaneous or subsequent IBD such as Crohn’s disease. However, reports on clinical findings in these patients are scarce. In this retrospective study, Park and colleagues analyzed the characteristics of patients with psoriasis and IBD in Seoul, Korea. Fifteen patients with both psoriasis and IBD, and 60 age-, gender-, and ethnicity-matched patients with a confirmed diagnosis of psoriasis, but not IBD, were included.

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