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Report from the 20th Focus on Fungal Infections Meeting (FOFI 2010)

John R Wingard, MD

For the 20th year, mycologists and infectious disease experts who are interested in all things to do with fungal diseases gathered at the annual Focus on Fungal Infections (FOFI) meeting on 3–5 March 2010 in New Orleans, LA, USA, organized by Imedex (Alpharetta, GA, USA). As always, the co-chairs Michael Rinaldi (University of Texas Health Science Center–San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA) and Elias Anaissie (University of Arkansas, Little Rock, AR, USA) chose topical issues and high-quality speakers for this meeting. Interaction among the delegates was encouraged. The meeting took the usual format of a workshop for mycologists on the first day, followed by 2 days of scientific sessions addressing various topics surrounding clinically important fungal pathogens, fungal syndromes, diagnostic challenges, and treatment strategies. Although the emphasis of the meeting was primarily clinical, speakers drew on lessons gleaned from in vitro experiments, animal model studies, and insights from the growing understanding of the molecular biology of fungi and fungal interactions with host defenses.

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