Paper of the Month - Volume 4 Issue 1

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Nature and Function of CCR5 in Immune Activation, HIV-1 Entry, 
and Targeted Therapeutics

Samantha J Westrop, BSc1, Graeme J Moyle, MD2, and Nesrina Imami, MD, PhD1
Since its identification as a coreceptor forviral entry into CD4+ cells, CCR5 has represented a possible therapeutictarget in the battle against HIV-1. In the current article, thephysiological function of CCR5, its use by HIV-1 to enter target cells,and its role in immune activation and susceptibility to disease aresummarized. Genetic mutations of the CCR5 gene, both naturally occurringand therapeutically induced, are outlined along with the potentialtherapeutic application of CCR5 blockade. The clinical trial of the CCR5antagonist maraviroc, currently being undertaken by the presentauthors’ research group, is also reviewed. J Viral Entry 2010;4(1):1–10.